I feel guilty for letting my blog sit silent for the past five months. From presidents to games to around the world travels, here’s a quick highlight reel of what’s happened..

cappuccino dog (coffee) CIMG0108


I attended the NeuroGaming Conference and learned how far, and how far there still is to go, in the field of neuroscience. I can’t wait to acquire an Emotiv device and do some hacking.


A prominent leader in the free world made reference to software and a feature that I specifically worked on. He forgot to mention my name but we all knew who he was talking about, amirite?


The same week that I was getting obfuscated accolades from the very top, I received word that my talk proposal to RubyConfIndia was accepted. You can check out my slides and check out my thoughts. I’ll post the confreak video once it is up.


My team tied for second at the Athens Game Jam. The theme was bad luck. In our game, Nice Job Hero!, a hero wrecks the city in pursuit of beating the bad guys with no thought to what those effects have on the average person. Benedict is the unlucky soul who must follow up and deal with the side-effects of the hero. We built the game using Unity3d and you can check out our source.

Civil Service

A few weekends later, I helped organize and participated in the National Civic Day of Hacking. Our local version, Hack For Athens, was such an excellent success that Jim Flannery and Kelly Storm have been invited to go to D.C. to talk about our event!

My team put together a pair of public APIs and a demo application. You can check out the source for the demo application.


The Athens software developer meetup that Jess Brown and I started is going strong. We’re one member shy of 100 after eight months of being in business.


Charlie is crawling.

What’s next?

There’s way too many cool things on my todo list at the moment that I don’t know how I’ll find the time to work on them all.

  • I’ll be facilitating a code retreat in Asheville, NC this month.
  • I’m working on picking up Android skills in earnest.
  • There’s some open source projects that need my love.

Here’s hoping that the next five months are as productive as the last.