Ruby Debugger Protips

I’ve been a big fan of debuggers ever since my first gig, an internship with Cisco Systems in 2000, where I became very familiar with gdb.

But I’ve had my complaints about the state of debugging in ruby. Read on to find how I’ve put my foot in my mouth.

Foot in mouth

I covered the basics in a previous blog post but one thing I’ve not stopped complaining about is the lack of debugger sessions. And by that I mean the ability to save a set of break points in a running process, quit that process, and restart it again restoring the previous break points and watches.

ruby-debug19 is abandonware and debugger has taken over. I was all set to dive into the source to determine how to hack in this functionality but imagine my surprise when I found its already available! Checkout save and source.

Oh man, do I ever love open source.